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Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy

I hate cleaning bathrooms… as a child my mom had a saturday child labor cleaning schedule. We used to joke that she made chore lists in her sleep adding to our misery, in reality it only took us an hour to complete but in the mind of child one hour=eternity!

Anyway, we’d get that list in the morning and the barter and trade negotiations began. I would trade pretty much anything to NOT have to clean bathrooms. I still feel the same – I really really dislike cleaning bathrooms.

But… through my extreme dislike of cleaning bathrooms I have found a product and a way to clean bathrooms in a jiffy.

You guessed it, I use cedar soap concentrate mixed at a dilution of 2 TBSP/500mL. I take this spray bottle and spray down the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. I walk away and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then I come back with my sponge, toilet brush, and kitchen brush (this is what I use on the bathtub to get the oil buildup from all my natural soaps off the walls of the tub. Then I rinse with water and it is shiny clean! If you have a high soap scum area respray and leave it for another 5 minutes then rinse and problem solved.

I still hate cleaning bathrooms – it just takes less time which makes me happy!

Pet Shampoo & Stinky Smell Eliminator!

Rotting salmon, cow patties, rotting flesh… all things my adorable little lab loves to roll in. And if you have a dog that loves ‘eau du poisson’ (fish perfume) you know the gag response that comes when your dog runs back to show off their new scent. Ya – so gross! The good news – I finally found something that works to get the stench she loves so much off my pup and BONUS it’s completely chemical free!!

Cedar soap solution concentrate mixed at 15% dilution completely eliminates the smell of nasty odors – including the ones that your dog likes to roll in!! Regular bathing of your dog (which I’ll admit I don’t always do!) improves your pet’s physical comfort by removing dirt, dead skin, excess oil and shedding hair.

If you’ve never washed a dog before you are in for a treat!


I highly advise going to a pet wash or doing it outside so your home doesn’t get covered in water, soap and whatever smell you are trying to get rid of. What you’ll need to do is have someone hold a leash or tie your dog so they don’t run away half washed and covered in soapy suds! I mix the cedar soap in a garden sprayer and spray the dog down with this mix – then I rub the soap in with my hands giving her a great full body massage (this helps to get the excess soap out as well as the dandruff and dead skin). Pay special attention to the ears and private parts as this also helps rid your beloved pet of fleas… Then leave this soap on the body for a count of 5-10. Your dog may shake so wear appropriate clothing…. then rinse and wash until the water comes out clear and not soapy. If the smell is still lingering lather and repeat. You can apply cedar concentrate directly to the suspect area if it’s a super stinky treat your pet found, but remember to rinse thoroughly!!

This washing leaves our pup looking and smelling her best. Also – after I wash her with this she smells to repel the bugs… which in an area with a lot of ticks, mosquitoes and flies this is awesome!!

Open for Business!!!

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Soap Solutions. We are open for business… if you have any questions or comments please email us at:


We look forward to sharing our knowledge and wonderful cleaning products that are not only 100% chemical free but safe for the whole home and body!

The Cedar Soap Team