Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy

I hate cleaning bathrooms… as a child my mom had a saturday child labor cleaning schedule. We used to joke that she made chore lists in her sleep adding to our misery, in reality it only took us an hour to complete but in the mind of child one hour=eternity!

Anyway, we’d get that list in the morning and the barter and trade negotiations began. I would trade pretty much anything to NOT have to clean bathrooms. I still feel the same – I really really dislike cleaning bathrooms.

But… through my extreme dislike of cleaning bathrooms I have found a product and a way to clean bathrooms in a jiffy.

You guessed it, I use cedar soap concentrate mixed at a dilution of 2 TBSP/500mL. I take this spray bottle and spray down the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. I walk away and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then I come back with my sponge, toilet brush, and kitchen brush (this is what I use on the bathtub to get the oil buildup from all my natural soaps off the walls of the tub. Then I rinse with water and it is shiny clean! If you have a high soap scum area respray and leave it for another 5 minutes then rinse and problem solved.

I still hate cleaning bathrooms – it just takes less time which makes me happy!