Cedar Solutions

There are so many uses for cedar soap and cedaroma! If what you are using our products for is not listed below please contact us and we will be happy to add it to the list!

Cedar Soap Concentrate:

Bug Spray (Bug Be Gone):

3 TBSP Cedar Soap Concentrate:500mL of water. Apply every 3 hours or as necessary.

Home Floor Cleaning:

2 TBSP Cedar Soap Concentrate + 1 oz white vinegar: 3 gallons of water. Leaves it nice and shiny – this is also great for hardwood floors as it not only cleans but shines as well!

Kitchen counter and bathroom cleaner:

2 TBSP Cedar Soap Concentrate: 500mL of water. Spray down the surface and then wipe away… if it is an especially dirty surface leave the spray on for 2 minutes then wipe away with ease.

The Mighty Odor Eliminator:

(This even eliminates the odor of cat pee!!) Depending on the extent of the odor mix accordingly and spray until the surface is wet to the touch. Can be used on furniture, beds, and especially great on carpet.
Sort of stinky: 3 TBSP Cedar Soap Concentrate:500mL water

Oh man this smells bad: 4 TBSP Cedar Soap Concentrate: 500mL water

Cat Pee be GONE: 2 oz Cedar Soap Concentrate: 500mL water

Diesel, Gas or Grease Smelling Hands:

My dad being a farmer this is his recipe as he hated the smell of grease, diesel or gasoline on his hands…¬†Apply a small amount (less than dime size) directly onto your hands and rub together. Leave for a count of ten then wash hands thoroughly – instead of the smell of diesel, gas or grease you will have the lovely smell of cedar and it strips the blackened hands leaving them your natural color.







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